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Top 10 Social Networking websites in the world 2012

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Whatz up there? Hope you are rocking and enjoying your new year blasting first month. Social networking became a most essential thing in life of everyone who is connected to the internet. And the best part of it, this always let you connect to each person who is known directly or indirectly to you or to a group you want to connect. 
A social networking site let you show you own thoughts to the world without paying much effort. Then the first question comes that which is the best social networking website to connect with your loved ones or to known ones. Here is the full list of top 10 Best social networking site of January 2012 according to visitors and users all over the world.
1st Top Social Networking Website : Facebook
Facebook is the most popular social networking website in the world now a days. This is launched in Feb, 2004. But in the past 3-4 year this became the most popular social networking website in the world. Here you can register yourself absolutely free and you can search the prople from your contact list and send them request to connect you. 
You can share your views, thoughts, photos, videos to your network as well as you can comment on others sharing stuffs too. You can create you business page there too, and let your fans connect to your page without showing your personal information there.

Some Facts about Facebook
Alexa Ranking : 2 (as on Jan 2012)
Users : 800 million

2nd Top Social Networking Website :  Twitter

Twitter is 2nd most popular social networking website in the world founded in March 2006. This gives you service called Tweets on it, In which you can post text based post with or without links up to 140 characters. Here you can follow the people you know or you like, no matters they know you or not. 
The authorization of the person you are going to follow is not required. This is the news channel of the internet because of latest updated of every popular peoples or topics updated on it. The look and feel of the website is changed very much in last 1 year.

Some Facts about Twitter
Alexa Ranking : 9 (as on Jan 2012)
Users : 300 million

3rd Top Social Networking Website : LinkedIn

Linkedin is the 3rd most popular social networking website all over the world, basically known for the professional network center. This is launched in May, 2003. Here you can create your professional profile like what you do in your professional life, you current companies, your department, achievements, your interests and much more. 
You can connect to the people you know or the people in your work area or the people you would like to connect. Here you can create a company profile too as well as you can follow the companies you like. You can share your own experience or problems and discus with other people to short it out. Because these fabulous features of this website, this is known as The Hub of Professionals.

Some Facts about Linkedin
Alexa Ranking : 13 (as on Jan 2012)
Users : 135 million

4th Top Social Networking Website : MySpace

MySpace is launched in August 2003 and owned by Specific Media LLC. This is most visited social networking website in the world in jun 2006. MySpace was overtaken by Facebook in the number of unique worldwide visitors. Here you can create your profile and connect with your known people, you can import your contact list from any email service provider like gmail, yahoo or any else and that will let you search on the network. You can create your playlist of music and videos there and listen your favorite singer of music album as well.

Some Facts about MySpace
Alexa Ranking : 135 (as on Jan 2012)
Users : 30 million

5th Top Social Networking Website : Google+

Google Plus is networking service launched by Google on Jun 28, 2011. Google Plus is having much better services of a social websites like you can follow anybody, you can share posts, status, photos, videos, links and much more. Here you can comment of others post as well as you can give a G+1 to any post. For this, Google account is necessary. This Networking website is growing fast, let us see the future of this. You must join Google+, if you are interested in social networking.

Some Facts about Google+
Alexa Ranking : 1 (this is a sub-domain of Google)
Users : 90 million

6th Top Social Networking Website : deviantART

deviantART is started on 7th Aug, 2000 by Scott Jarkoff, Angelo Sotira and Mathew Stephens. This is a online social community of artists, photographers, painters and this kind of artistic people. Here you can submit your artworks, and you can share in your ways. The punchline of this website is Where art meets application, seems very cool, isn’t it?

Some Facts about deviantART
Alexa Ranking : 130 (as on Jan 2012)

7th Top Social Networking Website : LiveJournal

LiveJournal is an online journal service with an emphasis on user interaction.  The best thing to do is to post everything to your journal and then cross post to a couple of communities to get more readers for your fanfic. It means that you don't have to post the whole thing two or three times, just a basic intro and then a link and all your comments area also in one place on your journal.

Some Facts about LiveJournal
Alexa Ranking : 104 (as on Jan 2012)

8th Top Social Networking Website : Tagged

Tagged is social community where you can search your friends and connect with them, you can play games there, you can send messages to your friends and much more. You can send virtual gifts to your friends there.  Here you can create groups, community and much more. Tagged says it has 100 million members. This was founded in 2004.

Some Facts about Tagged

Alexa Ranking : 285 (as on Jan 2012)

9th Top Social Networking Website : Orkut

Orkut is a online community service provided by Google. Once upon a time, it was the best social networking website in the world right before 3-4 years. This has good features to connect with people worldwide. Here you can search friends, add them to your friend list. You can send them messages, you can drop a scrap into their scrapbook. 

Some Facts about Orkut

Alexa Ranking : 173 (as on Jan 2012)

10th Top Social Networking Website :


NING is online platform for people to create their own social networks. Top organizers, marketers, influencers, and activists use Ning to create an online destination that weaves social conversations in content and inspire action. Ning makes it easy for brands of all shapes and sizes to build custom and powerful social websites. 

Some Facts about NING
Alexa Ranking : 374 (as on Jan 2012)

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