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According to some experts suggestion, we will prepare top 10 stocks list in India 2012.Stocks will be beneficial for you if you will watch consistently these stocks. these top 10 list is only suggestion by the “Top 10 gallery in India 2012” market is full of risk so please be careful for your investment 

10Th.Top 10 Stocks in India 2012 :Oracle Financial Services Software
Oracle is a top Laval companies of  Information Technologies. Mainstream software services companies are highly priced. Oracle Fin is one of the few tech stocks that still have some headroom for appreciation. Experts suggest that in the future Oracle will increase there profit as you know that oracle is all-ready buy the sun companies so now Oracle is only competitor of Microsoft company  so on the basis of experts we placed  this stocks at 10th position in "Top 10 Gallery in India" list
 9Th.Top 10 Stocks in India 2012 :Colgate-Palmolive
Colgate-Palmolive is a biggest company.Colgate is the right place at right time with 3 million rural outlets
and a leadership position in Oral Care products. The spread of organised retail is opening up under-explored markets to fast-moving consumer goods by the experts advise and due to companies   
status we placed  this stock at 9th position in "Top 10 Gallery in India 2012" list
 8Th.Top 10 Stocks in India 2012 :Gujarat State Petronet
From Bharat Petroleum petronet LNG many companies investing Gujarat State petronet play a important role among the future C.N.G  pipelines spread whole over the India so to see the future demands of petroleum and C.N.G the experts suggest for this stock so by the suggestion of experts and companies stocks record we placed it at top 8th position in "Top 10 Gallery in India 2012"list  
7Th.Top 10 Stocks in India 2012 :Punjab National Bank
 Punjab National Bank is a  top level  Indian banksPunjab National Bank has a stellar record in operational parameters. The rapid credit growth will keep the bank busy in the months ahead.So by the experts suggestion we provide 7th rank of this stock in "Top 10 Gallery in India 2012 " list

6Th.Top 10 Stocks in India 2012 :Torrent Pharma
Torrent Pharma is a top level companies in pharma sector. Torrent has a very strong domestic focus, an advantage as the attention of global pharma majors turns towards India. The company’s penetration in smaller cities and towns will be an advantage in the coming by the companies information and the Experts suggestion we provide this stocks 6th position in our "Top 10 Gallery in India 2012" list
 5Th.Top 10 Stocks in India 2012 :Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services
  Mahindra  &  Mahindra  Financial Services  is a Brand name for the Indian market. The company has a strong presence in rural markets and derives about 90 percent of its revenues from thereIts business model reflects the company’s nuanced understanding of the rural segment. As the demand for tractors grows, the company will be a direct beneficiary. by the records of the companies and demand of the companies in rural area the expert suggest for put this stock at 5th position in our "Top 10 gallery in India 2012" list
4Th.Top 10 Stocks in India 2012 :Savita Oil Technologies

 Savita Oil Technologies company supply industrial lubricants waxes. It has been showing a scorching growth in net profit for some time now. With a good promoter, sound business model and a great dividend record, it is poised to benefit from industrial growth in the coming year. It is also attractively priced.
So by increasing  companies material  demand and the advise of experts we placed this stock at 4th position
in our "Top 10 Gallery in India 2012" list
 3Rd.Top 10 Stocks in India 2012 :Tata Steel
Tata Steel is a brand name in India and we are also aware by this companies effort.The company is 100 percent self-reliant and will not be affected by price increases in iron ore or coking coal. At the same time, it will fully benefit from increase in steel if you wants to increase your money you should watch this stock we placed this stocks by the records bases and experts suggestion at 3rd place
2Nd.Top 10 Stocks in India 2012 :Bajaj Auto
 Bajaj Auto is also a brand name of Indian Auto sectors., the company is focussing on a stronger product line and growth opportunity in emerging markets.Investors who are bearish on Hero Honda could shift to Bajaj for the two-wheeler play.the expert suggest for this stock
so we will placed this share at the 2nd position in our "Top 10 Gallery in India 2012" list

Top Most  Stocks in  India  2012 :Coromandel International

 Coromandel International is a agricultural material company.At a growth rate of 4-5 percent, agriculture is expected to play a crucial role in GDP growth in the coming year. Indian farmers have begun to invest handsomely in improving yields and Coromandel has positioned itself as a complete farm inputs company 
 The profit margins are about three times that of the fertilizer business at 10-12 percent. India is  a agricultural country so to see the demand of agricultural material expert suggest for this stocks so by the suggestion of expert and the  demand of the fertilizer in India we placed this stocks at 1st position in 
"Top 10 Gallery in India 2012" list .


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