Sunday, 15 January 2012


Hay guys , do you know which are top 10 website in India . These are most visited websites in India of all category. We listed these websites  according to their own ranks as follows  As on 10/01/2012.

10th MOST POPULAR Website ''

Category- Maps of India
Information- This website is very amazing according to information about Map of India. It gives full information about Indian Map.

9th MOST POPULAR Website ''

Information- is all about gaming. This is the most visited website for download free games online and it gives the rich experience to play online games.

8th MOST POPULAR Website ''

Information- gives all updated news. This is the most visited website for live news which happening in World and India.

7th MOST POPULAR Website ''

                                     Category- Railway Reservation
                                              Information- gives all updated news. This is the most visited website for live news which happening in World and India.

6th MOST POPULAR Website ''

          Category- Music
             Information- gives the list of newest albums ,musics,movies etc of all categories.This is the most visited website for newest musics.

5th MOST POPULAR Website ''
                   Category- Finance
                        Information- gives detailed information about bank,working on bank, benefit of bank, Technology Up-gradation in the Bank, Board of Directors, Financial Results and Shareholder Info . This is the most  visited website for live news which happening in World and India.

4th MOST POPULAR Website ''

Category- Deals, Fashion, E-commerce
Information- is all about Fashion brands as like Apparel, watches, Footwear, Jewellery, Accessories, Fragrances, Sunglasses, Home & Living.

3rd MOST POPULAR Website ''
           CategoryJob Search 
              Information- gives the detailed information about jobs for all category, resume services , new job, new career.This is the most visited website for newest jobs which searches by location or more category.

2nd MOST POPULAR Website ''

                    Category- Portal 
                         Information- is a portal website which gives the  information about all Daily Deal, Money, Shopping, Cricket, Rediffmail, My Page, Songs, Movies, News etc.

1st MOST POPULAR Website ''

CategorySearch Enginews 
Information- is a search engine of indian version.It search the whole web or indian website or webpages from india. This Sarch engine is interfaces in many languages as Hindi, English, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi etc.


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