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2011 world cup winning team
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             Here we presenting top 10 worlds cricket teams. This is very interesting to know about top 10 cricket teams. We categories the cricket team's rank in descending order for growing interest of the readers. here we categories them on the basis of ICC one-day ranking.

10Th.One Day Cricket  Team Till 2012 is:Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe team placed in 10th position on the basis of there performance and icc ranking. Zimbabwe team try to grow up there rank but its fail and in this team lack of potential player.

9Th.One Day Cricket  Team Till 2012 is:Bangladesh Bangladesh
Bangladesh is also a struggling team which is struggling since few years but there are some potential player by which this team maintain there position and push back Zimbabwe team at the 10th position. There are many expectation from this team for changing there  rank.

8Th.One Day Cricket  Team Till 2012 is:West Indies West Indies
West Indies team is a good team but from past few years they loss their potential. in this team except few players there is no potential player who can change game at critical situation . if we talk about the old team before 1999 world cup that was superb team. but the current team is less of potential so we placed this team at 8th position.

7Th.One Day Cricket  Team Till 2012 is:New Zealand New Zealand
New-Zealand cricket team is also known as a Good cricket team. New-Zealand team have  a great collection of  the bowlers but lake of  good batsmen so this team unable to update their rank. we placed this time at the  7th position on the basis of performance and ICC rank

6Th.One Day Cricket  Team Till 2012 is:England England

England cricket team is known as the father of the cricket. As we know that cricket game was discovered in England now cricket spread all over the world. England cricket team improve there rank from the past few years.

5Th.One Day Cricket  Team Till 2012 is:Pakistan Pakistan
Pakistan cricket team is full of the best player but this team did't show there full potential as they placed at the 5th position. There is a great collection of the bowlers and batsman in this team but this team always joined with the dispute.We placed it at 5th position on  the basis of their performance and ICC rank.

4Th.One Day Cricket  Team Till 2012 is:Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Sri-Lanka Team is dedicated as the lions. this team have a great collection of bowlers and batsman. Sri-Lanka team shows time to time their potential to the world. they have always hunger for the win. We placed Sri-Lanka team at the 4th position in our gallery on the basis of their performance and ICC rank.

3Rd.One Day Cricket  Team Till 2012 is:South Africa South Africa
South Africa team is a great team. This team played with unity and have a potential to chase any target at any situation. But The Luck is always against with this team as this team never win any world-cup. But the performance of this team is superb so we placed South-Africa team at 3rd position.    

2Nd.One Day Cricket  Team Till 2012 is:India India
Indian cricket team is a superb cricket team that play for the pride of their nation. 
All the players play with confident. In this team we find the great collection of the batting Lin-up but there is a weak factor in this team is bowling. we placed this team at the 2nd position on the basis of their performance and Icc rank  

1St.One Day Cricket  Team Till 2012 is: Australia Australia
Australian team known as the wining  team from the last three world-cup. Australian team reserved there first rank from a lot of years no other team push back this team.
Australian team is always aggressive for the win. we placed this team at first position in our gallery on the basis of performance and ICC ranking.   

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