Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Hey World! This article is based on Android Mobile's Best features, which makes android best. If you are android mobile user then this article is for your you need to know top 10 features of android which give is value.
Here we going to represent top features of Android. 

1SpeedCustom ROMs speed up your phone or features like FM radio, custom ROMs are without a doubt one of the biggest advantages to Android's openness around. Its claim for fastest browser also.
2Flash SupportUsing android mobile you can access fully Flash web sites, watching Flash videos, or playing games like the ones on Kongregate. But iPhone not support flash content.
3PC ConnectivityYou actually control your Android phone from your PC—whether you just want to send texts from Chrome or access any of its other functions right from a web browser.
4BluetoothUsers will now be able to share contacts with other phones over Bluetooth.
5Drag DropGoogle Android comes with a drag and drop screen that alerts the user of any occurrences ,but allows him to continue his actions.
Virtual Keyboard
Virtual keyboard means that Android devices can support both physical and virtual keyboards, packing the best of both worlds
7Video Recording and SharingAndroid has ability to record and share videos, in addition to improved playback and better support for MPEG-4 and 3GP video formats.
8Image UploadingYou can take your image and share it by choosing Google's online image service dubbed "Picasa" that provide 1GB free web space for store your photo.
9Voice RecognitionVoice recogition is the great feature of android phones, using this fiture you can take benifit of voice search.
10Removable SD Card and BatteryAndroid's open nature allows for quite a few hardware advantages too—namely the ability to take out, swap, and upgrade your battery and SD card.
Android have a very big feature list so we choose best of them which we noitce, So there is the chance that we have miss some features.. if you missing here some feature then your most welcome you can put comment here.....

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