Saturday, 28 April 2012

Top 10 Baby names in Australia 2012

Baby are the most important part of every parents and every parents wants to call their baby by an superior name so here we are introduce an list of Australian baby names. We are presenting this list on the behalf of popularity of the names in Australian so now don't think more choose the best name for your baby.
Top 10 Names List of girls and boys are given bellow. 
Australian Girls' names                                         
  1. Lily

  2. Ruby

  3. Charlotte
  4. Chloe
  5. tied with
  6. Sophie

  7. Olivia

  8. Isabella

  9. Mia

  10. Emily

  11. Ava
Australian Boys' names 
  1. Jack

  2. Cooper

  3. Oliver

  4. Noah

  5. Thomas

  6. Lucas

  7. Lachlan

  8. William

  9. Jackson

  10. Charlie

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