Saturday, 28 April 2012

Top 10 Baby names in Brazil 2012

This is very interesting to give their baby first name but it is very difficult to find a very pity name for their baby so we are solving your problem and we are helping you to find a most popular name for your baby as we introduce the world to the top 10 list of everything. and we also known the feelings of the parents for their baby.
So we are presenting a top 10 list of Brazil baby names the list are given below.

Brazil Girls' names                                         
  1. Júlia

  2. Sophia

  3. Isabella

  4. Maria Eduarda

  5. Giovanna

  6. Beatriz

  7. Manuela

  8. Rafaela

  9. Mariana

  10. Gabriela
Brazil Boys' names 
  1. Gabriel

  2. Davi

  3. Miguel

  4. Arthur

  5. Matheus

  6. Lucas

  7. Guilherme

  8. Pedro

  9. Gustavo

  10. Felipe

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