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Best Songs Of Imran Khan till 2012 | Most Popular Songs By Imran Khan 2012

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These 10 songs are most popular songs of Imran Khan's till 2012.  Imran Khan  is young singer of Punjabi songs and have many of friends for his best songs .So for this here we posted best songs of Imran Khan. These songs are listed according to yahoo listing and also according to YouTube popularity and views.
 These list of Top 10 Best Imran Khan songs are as follows :
10th Imran Khan Best Song is - "Nai Reina - Imran Khan"

9th Imran Khan Best Song is - "Kendi Yaa - Imran Khan"

8th Imran Khan Best Song is - "Kendiya -Imran Khan "

7th Imran Khan Best Song is - "Ni Nachleh -Imran Khan "

6th Imran Khan Best Song is - "Jee Le - Luck Ft. Imran Khan | Shruti Hassan"

5th Imran Khan Best Song is - "Hey Girl - Imran Khan"

4th Imran Khan Best Song is - "Gora Gora Rang -Imran Khan"

3rd Imran Khan Best Song is - "Aaja We Mahiya -Imran Khan"

2nd Imran Khan Best Song is - "Bewafa -Imran Khan"

1st Imran Khan Best Song is - "Amplifier -Imran Khan"

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