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This post is for those people who much like Chinese food. Here we are shows Top 10 best Chinese Recipes which is most popular in whole world. You can taste and enjoy these Dishes and can also make at home. Its a simple dishes to make it.
These List of Top 10 Dishes are as follows:
Most Popular Chinese Dishes
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1 Kung Pao Chicken
This Chinese Recipe is a spicy lover's dream, this stir-fried dish hails from Sichuan Province and diced chicken and vegetables with peanuts and hot chili peppers. Its a very tasty dish,must be tried at home.
2 Spring Rolls/Egg Rolls
This Chinese Recipe is traditional wraps come either deep fried or fresh wrapped in rice noodle and filled with vegetables and meat. Awaresome dish taste it.
3 Szechuan Chicken
This Chinese Recipe is the spicy beef dish stir fried with green onions and other vegetables.
4 Mu-shu Pork
This Chinese Recipe is consists of stir-fried pork wrapped in thin pancakes and garnished with sweet Hoisin sauce and scallions.
5 Fried Rice
This Chinese Recipe is traditionally a recipe that a person made with leftovers from the night before, fried rice typical incorporates egg, meat and vegetables.
6 Beef with Broccoli
By its name, it is a very simple dish of stir-fried steak slices combined together with broccoli in a thick, savory sauce.
7 Fried Dumplings
This Chinese Recipe is also called "pot stickers" for the way they stick to the pan while cooking, these fried versions of the classic dumpling are folded and stuffed with vegetables and meat.
8 Hot and Sour Soup
This soup has a spicy, savory flavor that lends its name to the dish. Its a very tasty dish,must be tried at home.
9 Dim Sum
Dim sum is a Cantonese word for snacks, which typically come as dumplings, pancakes and other small dishes served individually.
10 Beef Fried Noodles
Fried noodles are one of the most common snacks in China, are sold as street food made quickly by roadside vendors. This Chinese Recipe coming with pork, but exported versions often have chicken or beef.

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