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Best Punjabi Songs By Gurdas Mann Till 2012 | Most Popular Punjabi Song By Gurdas Mann 2012 | Gurdas Mann Songs 2012

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This is a list to top 10 most popular songs of Gurdas Mann which is a best singer of Punjab .These list of songs are arranged according to his own views and popularity in YouTube. Here we are posting best songs of  Gurdas Mann .

 These list of Top 10 Best Gurdas Mann songs are as follows :
10th Gurdas Mann Best Song is - "Kachehri - Gurdas Maan"

9th Gurdas Mann Best Song is - "Apna Punjab Hove - Gurdas Maan | Yaar Mera Pyaar"

8th Gurdas Mann Best Song is - "Babul tere da dil - Gurdas Mann"

7th Gurdas Mann Best Song is - "Dosto Lao Aa Gayee Gharhi - Gurdas Maan - Waris Shah"

6th Gurdas Mann Best Song is - "Ishq Di Maari - Gurdas Maan"
5th Gurdas Mann Best Song is - "Heer - Gurdas Maan Sahib"

4th Gurdas Mann Best Song is - "Babul Tere Da Dil - Gurdas Maan"

3rd Gurdas Mann Best Song is - "Ishq Di Maari - Gurdas Maan"

2nd Gurdas Mann Best Song is - "Pind Diyan Galiyan -Gurdas Mann"

1st Gurdas Mann Best Song is - "Challa - Gurdas Mann"

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