Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Best 10 Eminem Songs 2012 | Most Popular Eminem Songs 2012
Hello World! Welcome to Top 10 Gallery! All knows Eminem is the best rapper now. He is also a actor and songwriter but more famous as an rapper. Eminem has introduced total 19 album and all are popular. It is very difficult to make list of his top 10 rap songs. I am going to introduce list of top 10 Eminem songs as my own way.
Now list is given bellow -
this is a first test
RankSongs NameLength
2Cleanin’ Out My Closet4:58
3Stay Wide Awake5:20
4White America5:25
5The Way I Am4:52
6Till I Collapse4:57
7My Name Is4:08
8Lose Yourselfc5:26
9Cinderella Man4:41
10The Real Slim Shady4:47
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