Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Top 10 Websites that Changed Life Style in 2012

Top 10 mind changing website in 2012
Throughout the entire world there is said to be 2,066,514,816 people who use the Internet and the number continues to grow each day. Along with the Internet came the millions of websites that we all use. While some don’t become as popular as others, many have become so common that they seem like an everyday must have.

Even though the Internet has been available for public use since 1992, it’s only been in the last few years that some websites really became giants. 

Now we are presenting a list of top 10 daily use website or we can say the website which become today the part of life these website are given below.

10. Craigslist– Changed classified ads

9. Geocities – Changed internet accessibility

8. Blogger– Changed the blogging scene

7. Pandora – Changed how we listen to music

6. Facebook – Changed how we interact

5. Wikipedia – Changed how we research/learn

4. Amazon – Changed the face of retail shopping

3. YouTube – Changed daily entertainment

2. eBay – Changed how we buy and sell

1. Google – Changed virtually everything

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